Did you have a dream when you were younger that you would pack a bag and take off and see the world? Maybe buy a rail pass and see Europe or head to South East Asia and find the best hostel, make friends and party?

Then life happened. School, jobs, marriage, kids. All good things to be sure, but all of a sudden here it is 20, 30 or more years later that little voice is back. Life has settled down, and now you have the time and financial means to explore the world.

Group shot farm cooking school chiang mai

Chiang Mai Cooking School with our Women Only Group 2019

The thing is now you have to figure out how to make that happen, what your travel will look like at this stage of life and which friend is going to come along with you.

As adults I think we often get caught up in the responsibility of life and the every day routine. We forget that time away, learning about new cultures, exploring the world, all help lower your stress levels. As long as you do it right! Often when we travel, we plan, we schedule, we are so busy we come home from our vacations ready for a vacation!

I definitely have been guilty of this in the past. I have learned so much over the last few years of traveling. To ensure you have the best travel experience I spend hours and a lot of thought and consideration in to the plan and schedule for our Tonbo Luxury Tours. A successful trip is more than just planning our daily outings in is also allowing our daily relaxing!

It is totally okay to spend time at the hotel, enjoying the pool or the spa, chatting with friends over a glass of wine or taking an unscheduled wander through the nearest park. Sometimes your down time involves an art journal and paint. I want to ensure you get the most value from our trips, but that doesn’t mean every minute you have to be on the go.


Heidi Founder of Tonbo Luxury Tours and your guide.

“I take particular pride in our women only trips. I truly believe every woman should be comfortable and confident traveling the world. Part of my mission with Tonbo Luxury Tours is to provide a safe environment for women to have the confidence to step out of their comfort zone and see the world.”

Our Women’s Only Bali 2023 and Women’s Only Thailand 2023 trips are not only sightseeing and tours, they are going to be a playful, fun and inspiring adventure.

I am honoured to be leading these incredible groups of women in February 2023 and September 2023. I am so thrilled to have Joanne

Introduce Joanne

Our creative coach JoeGirl

Lauzon ‘JoeGirl’ along as my assistant. Joanne is a mixed-media artist and creativity coach. She guides individuals, couples and groups to master the art of joyful living through creative play – both inside and outside of her art studio.

Joanne has taught me to embrace my creative side and that art does not have to be perfect to be art or to be beneficial to your soul. Simply the act of creating opens your mind, your heart, your soul.

I cannot wait to soak in the ambiance and magic of Bali or Thailand with you. With Joanne’s creative vision and my organizational super powers you will experience the essence of these incredible locations. You will return home feeling like you have had a vacation not that you need one!

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