As I sit here thinking about writing this blog today, I know I want to share with you about our experience with travel post-pandemic. I also want to make sure that Tonbo Luxury Tours is ready to provide you with the best travel experience, escorted, personalized and worry free.

Tonbo Luxury Tours - Travel Guide Marc in the mountains of Chiang Mai overlooking the Samoeng forest

Marc in the mountains of Chiang Mai

While we have all been at home coping with the situation, I believe those of us who travelled frequently have spent a lot of time wondering what travel is going to look like when we are free to roam the world again.

I believe that what you will want is to feel safe of course, but also to reset and breakout of the mundane routine of the last couple of years.

Tonbo Luxury Tours - Lobby of the SIAM Kempinski

The Siam Kempinski Bangkok

Traveling with Tonbo as a group is even more important now. Because we vet all of our hotels and tours we know that they have to proper protocols in place. When we go on specialized tours, such as food tours, temple tours etc., you know all the people in your group, so you know their vaccination status. All of our guides are chosen by us and we have met them in person, taken a tour with them and ensure they are fully vaccinated as well.

Of course all of the above points are covid related, but the fact that you will arrive and be guided by Marc and I to ensure you experience the best of Thailand without the worry of planning. Our very detailed and thoughtful tours make travel easy. Imagine being met at the airport and never having to worry about another detail, never take out your wallet, (unless you go shopping, which you will because it is amazing!!) Every little thing is taken care of, hotels, meals, spa, tips, transportation, tours and lots of time to relax too.

Heidi and Marc at The Golden Mount Bangkok

Heidi and Marc at Wat Saket, The Golden Mount

In order to be able to share with my clients exactly what traveling looks like now Marc and I flew to Thailand and spent almost a month there. We chose Thailand for a couple of reasons, one being we felt they had handled the pandemic very well in terms of safety protocols and had a high vaccination rate, two we wanted to scout a couple of new hotels for our upcoming Thailand trip in January of 2023.

Overall we had an incredibly successful and safe trip. We flew on Qatar airlines and was happy with their service and on board safety regarding masking and cleaning. The attendants on board were in the bathrooms every hour cleaning and disinfecting, as well as ensuring all passengers were adhering to the masking rules. I personally felt completely safe on board at all times.

In Thailand masks were required everywhere, inside and outside, so we definitely had our fill of wearing a mask, but it is interesting how you do adapt and feel quite comfortable, most of the time that is, I didn’t much like it when it was 35 degrees C outside. It was nice that while we were enjoying the beautiful pools at the hotels we did not have to wear a mask.

Swimming Pool at Siam Kempinski

Siam Kempinski Bangkok

I do feel that the Thais have adapted well to wearing masks as it is quite common in Asia for people to wear a mask in public if they have a common cold, especially on public transit.

Overall Marc and I had 7 covid tests over the time we were away and all were negative. Some were free and some we had to pay for, but all were worth it to enjoy our time away. The most expensive test of course was the one we had to take in Canada before we left.

Heidi and Marc with Gary, The Roaming Cook

We did take a private food tour with The Roaming Cook as opposed to a group one, and we did feel safe visiting the spas at the hotels for massages. We took the public transit, where everyone was very courteous about the shared space and of course, masked.

All in all we felt safe and protected, so much so that we are heading to Bali in November to see how they have come through the pandemic, and to scout a hotel, villa and tours for the upcoming Tonbo Women Only Bali Info here tour coming in September of 2023.

We are also excited to announce our Thailand 2023 trip is a go! Click below and sign up for updates or to join us on this adventure.

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