My Dragonfly Experience in Bali

Excerpt from a previous Wanderlust Scarves Post. Bali has long been on our travel destination list. In January of 2019 we finally made the journey. Bali is an island and province of Indonesia. The island of Bali is home to the majority of the Hindu population of...

Can you imagine no more lost luggage?

Can you imagine arriving at your destination and your luggage not dropping down on to the carousel? Even worse can you imagine that luggage never arriving? This exact scenario happened to a travel companion of mine on a recent trip! I have a love hate relationship...
Why A Tonbo Luxury Tour Is The Best Tour!

Why A Tonbo Luxury Tour Is The Best Tour!

Our goal is to provide luxury tours to active travellers who are past the stage of hosteling and backpacking. Our tours include walking, taking public transit in large cities, climbing in and out of traditional boats and TukTuks. A certain level of physical fitness is...
See the world, change your life

See the world, change your life

I have a strong belief that everyone should travel. Traveling the world opens your mind, it changes your perspective on how you see the world. When you come home from your travel experience, how you see your life will have changed. When traveling recently in Vietnam,...
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