Recently I travelled to Italy with friends to celebrate a milestone birthday. It was an incredible experience for a couple of reasons.

The first, traveling with friends and experiencing another culture is one of the main things in life that I absolutely love to do. In this case we had three days on our own in Rome and then we stayed at an incredible villa where we were completely taken care of, including meals, wine, tours and comfy accommodations.

View from my room at Villa D'Abruzzo

View from my room at Villa D’Abruzzo

This second part of our journey showed me just how much a personal touch can enhance your travel experience. I learned so much from the staff and owners of this villa about how I want Tonbo Luxury Tours to operate.

I have found that as we head in to our 50’s and beyond, many of the travellers I speak with feel safer with a guide but have no interest in huge tour busses and large groups that you can never really connect with.

Tonbo Luxury Tours provides an experience for small groups who want to wander and explore yet relax in luxury at the end of the day, who want guidance and confidence to experience the local scene. Guests who enjoy chatting over a glass of wine, getting to know each other. Guests who want to show up at the airport at the destination and be taken care of from that moment on with luxury accommodation, meals, transportation, tours.

“I want you, our guest to go home with a story to tell and a strong desire to travel with Tonbo Luxury Tours for another adventure.”

Elephant Day

A day with my elephant, Bun Dee and her baby, at Patara Elephant Park

Everyone has different expectations from their travel experience. I encourage you to find the one that speaks to you, but I also encourage you to explore the whole package. You need to know when you are planning your adventure, how you want to feel when you are at your destination, how you want to relax and explore. Are you comfortable figuring out the transportation systems, finding your way alone and dealing with the foreign currency, knowing the best area to stay in?

“The feelings that I am looking for when I travel are security, luxury and connection.”

I was lucky enough when I started exploring Asia that I had my son, who lived in Shanghai at the time, and my daughter in law when we traveled to Japan, both be our personal guides. I learned many insider tips, gained confidence and fell in love with the area.

Show Japan Trip

Heidi and Marc at Shinto Shrine at Miyajima

Since our first trip to Japan over 10 years ago we have traveled to Asia many times, each time learning and falling more in love with the exhilarating, exotic and beautiful cultures.

I want you to have the opportunity to experience the joy of travel as I have. Ensuring you feel safe, pampered and most of all like you have been changed by the experience of travel.

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