Nobody saw this coming. We were all living our lives, traveling, going to the gym, eating in restaurants, when the unthinkable happened, the world was hit with a super virus sending us all into lockdown.

We were all caught between knowing what was best for the world and mourning the loss of our beloved vacations. Regret comes in to play as we sit at home not making plans. Time is spent talking about how you should have gone on that long awaited trip to your dream destination.

Red Dao Woman and child

Travel not only give you the opportunity to relax and unwind, it shows you how other cultures live, what is important to them, how they eat, raise their families and how they too relax and unwind.

Yes your travel will look different when once again we all begin to move around the world. You will need more patience, more care but you’ll also feel more gratitude. I believe when you do travel again you’ll appreciate it more. You’ll will cherish that sunset,


Glowing sunset over the ocean

the amazing local Pad Thai, and the leisurely day spent with your toes warmed in the sand.

Most of us have the tendency to put things off until we retire, have more money, have more time, have less work what ever the case may be. How often have you said to yourself “sometime I’d like to ….” or “One day we will…” ? Then when you decide yes, you can’t due to who would have thought, a pandemic,

Now as I have the time to reflect, I have learned to get out and take that walk, make that special meal or read the book that has been sitting on my desk, and most importantly plan our trips for as soon it is safe to do so.

Travel has been a priority for me for years now, but now I want to make sure when it is safe to do so you don’t put off that dream trip. Get out and see the world. You will be changed, educated and fulfilled.

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