TukTuk ride in Bangkok

Our goal is to provide luxury tours to active travellers who are past the stage of hosteling and backpacking. Our tours include walking, taking public transit in large cities, climbing in and out of traditional boats and TukTuks. A certain level of physical fitness is required to make the most of our adventures, yet at days end you will be pampered at a luxury 5 star hotel.

Our mission is to find special hotels with character. Often the hotels we find are locally owned, which provide you with the vibe of the country in which we are staying. Do you know how sometimes you stay somewhere and the hotel room could be in any country? Well, we try and make sure that if you are traveling in Thailand your hotel gives you the feeling of

King Room at The Sukhothai Hotel

Thailand with it’s striking Thai decor and friendly Thai service.

Yummy Spring Rolls in Chiang Mai

Your tummy will be satisfied with the best local food we can find, often times this means a small family run restaurant or even a street stall. We usually make our lunch at these authentic but more casual eateries, with dinners, while still casual dress, are more of a proper sit down meal. Rest assured you will not be hungry on our tours. And remember all meals are included! Our travellers have commented that it is so nice to not have to be pulling out their wallets all the time. Marc our organizational wizard when it comes to the money, looks after all of this for us.

Our Mahout at Patara Elephant Park

Of course you want to see the sights and we look after that too. We hire local guides to take you to the highlights and must sees, give you the intriguing stories behind the sights, and make sure to share the hidden gems too!


Luxurious Pool at The Sukhothai

We know you want to relax on your vacation as well, so you will have the opportunity to visit a beautiful spa for a massage or facial treatment, chill by the pool, or go for a walk and explore a local park.  We are definitely not the type of tour that spends one day in a city and moves on. Providing you with an extended time in a city is how we ensure that you will fall in love with our destinations just as we have. Bangkok for example is a huge, busy city. If we were to take you there for two nights and a day, I am pretty sure you would come away with a totally different impression than you will by spending 6 nights and five full days exploring. Linger longer and you will truly be able to say you explored, discovered and really let the destination change you.

Your time spent traveling with Tonbo will be incredible, changing you from a traveler to a storyteller.

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